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Our target to a fully transparent communication

A fully transparent communication needs time. Time to show the whole journey of an INUIKII product from design to materials, from production to supply-chain, from administration to the consumption of energy. We aim to deliver this information — step by step.

Production facilities

We aim to produce our products where we sell them — in our case — this is the European Union. With two big factories operating in either Portugal and Romania we have a responsible solution to meet our goals and shorten all our transportation throughout our whole supply-chain. All production companies meet the highest certification and outperform market-standards by far when it comes to employment. We keep a close and personal relationship to all our production companies and consider them as friends of the family.

Material suppliers

What applies to our production facilities (EU based and operated) is also covered by approx. 70% of all our material suppliers. We source our materials mostly in the European Union (ex. Shearling in Switzerland, UK, Ireland, France) and all our leathers in Italy (LWG certified suppliers). Approx. 10-15% we source in China due to missing knowledge in Europe. We only work with trustable and certified suppliers which are evaluated in an internal process. 

Company facts

INUIKII AG — Zurich Switzerland
Employees45 Employees and bunch of Freelancers
ProductionsPortugal (81%), Romania (15%), China (3%), Pakistan (1%)
Materials usedItaly, Turkey, UK, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, China
How we travelTrain, Car, Plane, Bikes
NationalitiesItalian, Swiss, Croatian, Philippines, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, Lithuanian, Tunisian

Targets: Transparency

As we follow the mentality of «the journey is the goal» our targets are infinite and a aim we're always working on. Our targets lead the way to underline the journey with milestones.

  • 60% of all our materials are traceable
  • Start developing circular products
  • Plan on starting with SDG's (UN) goals
  • 80% of all our materials are traceable
  • First drop of circular products
  • Following first SDG's goals
  • First partner-ups with aid agencies
  • 100% of our materials are traceable
  • Live tracking of supply-chain
  • Expand SDG's goals
  • Develop partnerships with aid agencies