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Fearless designs and innovative comfort. Pieces to disrupt expectations. Crafted in Europe. Crafted to last. Crafted with the highest quality standard materials.

Sourced country


All of our leathers are LWG certified. LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers. Additionally, they aim to engage with members of the leather supply chain and giving them the knowledge to be able to make informed sustainable choices in their businesses.
- ICEC certified
- REACH certified
- LWG certified



All of our shearling suppliers are LWG certified (read about LWG above). The shearling used for all INUIKII products are of European origin and dyed in Turkey. We have chosen to work with the material shearling because of ecological reasons due to have an organic material in use which has many functions such as being antibacterial, can absorb moisture, naturally thermostatic and adapt throughout use. Sustainable and eco-friendly.
- LWG certified



All our shoes are made of eco-rubber — made by up to 70% devulcanized rubber. Meaning recycled rubber. We devulcanize directly in our sole factory in Europe. Sourced by our own rubber waste as a result or production.  Our rubber is eco-friendly, purely organic and decompostable.



Bananatex (TWN) - Cradle to Cradle Gold. This material is the world's first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from banana plants. Cultivated in the Philippines within a natural ecosystem of sustainable forestry, the plant requires no chemical treatments. Its self-sufficiency has made it an important contributor to reforestation of areas once eroded by palm plantations, whilst enhancing the prosperity of local farmers.
- TWN certified
- Cradle to Cradle certified



Valorizing agro-industry biomass and residues as high-value feedstocks transforming them into new materials. Collaborating with Italian wineries, we have developed a process for the valorization of wine waste: grape mark, that is composed by grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production.
- GRS certified



We only use 100% organic-cotton OEKO-TEX Standard and BCI certified laces. All of the laces are used for our shoes, bags and further accessories. 
- OEKO-TEX certified
- BCI certified



We solely work with water based glue for all our production.



All of our packaging is reduced to the max. We work with a FSC certified and recycled cardboard box which contains no glue nor plastic. Same applies for labels which are made of recycled paper.
The sleeves used to cover the shoes are made of recycled production waste and reused for separation. They are enhanced with an antibacterial protection.



The first 100% recycled, biodegradable* synthetic insulation and fabric fiber proven to be renewable for use in a circular economy. Keeps feet warm with a responsible twist.



All summer slides equipped with an ergonomic INUIKII footbed are produced in Portugal and are made of PU. Covered with LWG certified leather from Italy.



All wool used for our accessories such as beanies, sweaters, gloves, scarfs, etc. are Woolmark certified and sourced in Europe.
- Woolmark certified
- OEKO-TEX certified